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Our Services

Legal advice

We provide legal advice in various areas of law, such as:

  • Administrative law.
  • Anticorruption law.
  • Civil law.
  • Civil and administrative procedural law.
  • Enforcement proceedings.
  • International and internal arbitration law.
  • Lawmaking and examination.
  • Taxation and state social insurance.
  • Employment law.

Drafting legal documents

We provide legal services in drafting legal documents, such as:

  • Drafts of laws and bylaws: resolutions, orders, provisions, instructions, etc.
  • Commercial contracts (agreements, contracts).
  • Corporate regulations: orders, acts, provisions, instructions, etc.
  • Business letters.
  • Other legal documents.

Pretrial settlement

We provide legal services in pretrial settlement, such as:

  • Consultations on pretrial settlement matters.
  • Analysis of situation and document review.
  • Dispute status assessment.
  • Elaboration of possible solutions for dispute settlement.
  • Composition of claims, requirements and calculations of disputed amounts.
  • Correspondence on claims.
  • Organization of and participation in negotiations.
  • Drafting agreements aimed at settlement of a dispute.


We provide legal services in litigation including:

  • Verbal and written consultations.
  • Case papers investigations, preliminary estimate of prospects and risks.
  • Preparation for judicial (arbitration) proceeding.
  • Drawing up of litigation documents.
  • Case conducting in court, arbitration court (arbitration).
  • Other actions.

Corporate Law

We provide legal services in corporate law including:

  • Registration of legal entities (incorporation).
  • Re-registration of legal entities (reincorporation).
  • Incorporation and reincorporation of legal entities with foreign interest.
  • Registration of branches and representative offices of legal entities.
  • Registration of branches and representative offices of foreign legal entities.
  • Liquidation of legal entities.
  • Introduction of amendments and addenda to foundation documents of legal entities.
  • Litigations on various issues (disagreements of limited liability company participants, withdrawal of members from their staff, recovery or reclamation of property and others.);
  • Legal support in merging, joining, spin-off and other types of legal entities reorganization proceedings and others.

Banking and finance

We provide legal services in provision of loans and credit lines including:

  • Legal expert review of legal capacity and powers of the borrower, bank, financial institution.
  • Legal expert review of documents of the borrower, pledger, guarantor, bank, financial institution.
  • Identification of legal risks while concluding loan, pledge, or other transactions.
  • Claim work, negotiations, and correspondence with debtors and creditors.
  • Drafting and submitting applications, complaints and settlement agreements to court.
  • Case management in state courts and arbitration courts.
  • Expert examination of banking products and services to check compliance with legislation and consumer protection.
  • Monitoring of banking legislation and judicial practice.
  • Consultations on disputable matters and matters not regulated by law.

Immigration and alien’s residence permit

We provide legal services in the field of immigration to the Kyrgyz Republic, including:

  • Visa support.
  • Temporary residence permit.
  • Permanent residence permit.
  • Citizenship.

Family Law

We provide legal services in the field of family law including:

  • Legal advice on family issues.
  • Division of marital property.
  • Search and obtaining duplicates of certificates or archive references on registration of the birth, marriage, death of the person, etc.
  • Divorce proceeding.
  • Debates on determination of the place of residence of a child.
  • Debates on child arrangement for parents living separately.
  • Disputes and obtaining of a permit for the minor to travel abroad.
  • Adoption of children.
  • Debates on recognition and examination of paternity, including debates involving foreign nationals.
  • Disputes on alimony, etc.

Employment Law

We provide legal services in the field of employment law including:

  • Work permits.
  • Development of various documents in the field of labor relations (labor contracts, contracts of liability, orders, decrees etc.).
  • Case management in court.
  • Appeal against acts and decisions on cases of administrative offenses imposed by labor inspection, and others.

Legal analytics

  • Review of legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic.
  • Analysis of changes in the legislation. Recommendations on practical application of changes to the legislation.
  • Analysis of international treaties and agreements.
  • Analysis of strategies, programs of development and action plans.
  • Analysis of legal aspects of commercial activity.

Legal due diligence

  • Investment and other projects.
  • Deals, contracts (agreements, arrangements).
  • Draft orders, regulations, instructions etc.
  • Other legal documents.

Business reputation check

Checking business reputation of a potential partner in the Kyrgyz Republic, China, and Turkey:

  • Authenticity and actuality of company’s registration data.
  • Confirmation of existence of company office at the legal or other address indicated in foundation documents.
  • Information on company’s governing bodies: verification that persons announced as members of governing bodies actually comprise those bodies.
  • Company’s foundation documents, specifically, scope of its special franchise (types of commercial activity that may be carried out by the company under the law and the provisions of the company’s charter).
  • Establishing location of offices, shops, warehouses and other immovable property of the company.
  • Obtaining information (if possible) on issues between company and its suppliers, regulating or judicial authorities.

Representation in enforcement proceedings

  • Verbal and written advice.
  • Review of case files and preliminary assessment of risks.
  • Submission of writ of execution for enforcement.
  • Participation in the enforcement process.
  • Video and audio recording of enforcement acts.
  • Initiation and organization of expert examination.
  • Challenging actions of the enforcement officer, and filing objections.
  • Appealing actions of the enforcement officer, and drafting responses to such appeals.
  • Other actions.

Real estate in Turkey

  • Legal services and support in Alanya, Turkish Mediterranean Area, Antalya Province:
    • Premium (5 star) and cost-effective options.
    • Developer investment projects.
    • Provision of advice and information.
    • Selection of individual proposals matching customer’s individual criteria and budget.
    • Two-year payment deferral provided by developer.
    • Real estate lease.
    • Obtaining a taxpayer individual number (TIN).
    • Opening a bank account and a card.
    • Obtaining mortgage loan from a Turkish bank.
    • Obtaining ownership certificate.
    • Obtaining a two-year residence permit.
    • Acquisition of citizenship in 5 years.
    • Free familiarization tour for 2 persons.
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